puerto princesa baywalk

we arrived in puerto princesa mid-afternoon, so there wasn't much we can do in the city anymore. the banwa pension house staff suggested that we visit the baywalk which was just walking distance. so jan and i decided to go to the baywalk then proceed to the provincial capitol where the major happenings of the festival was taking place.

i have always been bad with directions so we ended up taking the longer route to the baywalk. we even passed by this place that looked like a place where refrigerators go to die.

thanks to jan's excellent direction skills, we found our way to the baywalk. it was still a work in progress, but we were already impressed by how beautiful and clean it was. the wave-y roofing of the sheds gave the baywalk personality.
beautiful wavy waiting shed roofs

at the right side was a statue which they named "prinsesa ng baybay.
prinsesa ng baybay

several philippine flags fluttered in the air. i was wondering whether that was a permanent fixture or was really just in celebration of the recent independence day. but then, with the flag poles as permanent fixtures, most likely it was part of the design. it was actually a captivating sight for me.
magbigay pugay sa bandila

many families were having quality time on that father's day. children were running around or playing or riding their bikes.

visitors could enjoy barbeque, isaw, hotdog, egg, yakult and other snorts of snacks sold by the vendors.

the sun was about to set too. so it was a great time to play around with my camera, dixie. baywalks anywhere in the philippines always present a great subject for photography. the one in puerto princesa did not disappoint. :)
shield from the sun

boat sa bay

jan and i found ourselves enjoying our walk and observing people. there were also dogs who knew how to look cute and beg for food. unfortunately, jan and i were too hungry to spare any of our late lunch except for a small piece of fat.
tingnan hanggang ma-conscious

as we made our way from the baywalk, our visit there gave jan and i good spirits. we felt that palawan was really the perfect choice for our first solo travel together, that we would be having a great time during our stay. ;P