the reveal

a month from now, around this time... i will be walking the aisle of nuestra senora de gracia in guadalupe church. at the end, waiting for me, is jan.

i could actually blame mon and dinah salas for this, since a month after they got married and passed on the bouquet and garter to me and jan, he proposed. jan, not mon. because mon is married to dinah. proposed to me, not dinah. because dinah is already married to man.

was that confusing? hehe.

jan proposed last november 27. we are to wed on a friday the 13th, instead of the hottest wedding date of the year 08-08-08. wala lang.

am i excited? when i'm not busy with work, yes.

please pray for jan and i. one of my greatest wishes for the two of us is walking the mall after 25 years of marriage and still holding hands grossing out our teen-age children. hehe. and maybe even 50 years after...when people see us they wouldn't know who's dragging who but they'd find it cute that a couple of old goats are walking hand-in-hand, probably lost having forgotten where they were to go in the first place.


Camille said...

Oh yeah. My parents do that to me and my brothers. Be all GP PDA in the mall... Ewww... hahahaha

anj said...

hehe. i plan to do that with my children, whether jan likes it or not. haha.

mae~an said...
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mae~an said...

aww...how sweet anj! super kilig tlga...grbe! i actually had butterflies in my stomach jst by reading ur blog. wahehe..evry girl's dream ha...except the friday the 13th part..doon kayo unique tlga! wahehe...goodluck to the both of you! best wishes!!!!! (^*^)

M said...

congrats Anj! weeeeee :D

anj said...

mae-an: salamat. :) dalaw ka sa blog namin para mas kiligin ka pa. hehe!

m: salamat, princess maan. :)

Anonymous said...

that's a really sweet wish ;-) i hope you have a great married life!