my favorite post secret for the week

i know the week is about to be over and a new set will be up tomorrow. but i was only able to check today. so what the hey...

Indeed, indeed. While I haven't been particularly feeling lucky for the past few weeks... months even... I KNOW that I am.

There is just so much to be thankful for! For the everyday things I have. Like three meals a day (and two meriendas and post-dinner snack - yeah, I'm a pig.). Cable TV. DSL. Footwear. Clothes. A job. Cab fare. An education. Those things that are usually taken for granted, just because they are always there or just because we are certain we can have those without difficulty.

And there there is my family. If my dad were alive, he and my mom would have celebrated their 40th Anniversary last November. There's bro and sis and the pamangkins. Lovely friends, who have proven time and again, that true friendship knows no time nor distance. And of course, my dear Jan. He who is my anagram and bestest friend.

Of course, I'm lucky! Now if only I could win a raffle or something...


rowie said...

"He who is my anagram" ... I found that so cute and touching. :) Happy new blog!